Under attack

I feel under attack. I feel my gender is under attack. When will some men stop feeling like they can prey on and kill women? Aiia Maasarwe’s murder could have been me. I am a woman. I am a student. I walk home from public transport at night. I have lived on campus at university before. […]

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You say potato

I’ve been reading much in social media lately about the Sandy Hook shooting and the surviving students’ inspiring response to it, and the subsequent denigrating response to the students, and so on (I know, I’m not alone there). Something strikes me, as it often does in any number of social debates we see carried out […]

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OK, but first, kindness

I’ve read a lot of words about marriage equality lately. I’ve read the arguments for, I’ve read the arguments against. I’ve tried to keep an open mind. To understand people have different points of view, they see the world differently, they feel challenged by different things. That often people talk about things they don’t understand […]

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